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The Arts Academy at IS 429 encourages innovative thinking, creative problem-solving, and intellectual and social development. We consider every student an artist; therefore, we hone students’ creativity and curiosity through hands-on exploration of art materials. Our scholars will use various materials, tools, and techniques to develop individual expressions and products. 


Opportunities for students include:


  • Participation in local art competitions and community meetings 

  • Field experiences to theater performances at competitive high schools along with on and off Broadway shows  

  • Opportunity to showcase their work on the school and district level

  • Opportunity to be mentored by an American Academy High School Art scholar

Example of a class: 

  • Stage Design: Working with the Art teacher, students will learn how to use tools to create scenes. Students will have an opportunity to research the period of the play and bring it alive. This class works collaboratively with our Theatre class. 

  • Visual Arts: All scholars at IS 429 will take Visual Art. To the extent possible, our Visual Arts class will be aligned with the Social Studies units of study. Our program will emphasize a genuine art studio experience that stresses visual imagery and the elements of art: line, shape, color, pattern, texture, and space. Assignments encourage students to expand their artistic skills, broaden their visual perception, and develop facilities with various media. The assignments are structured and sequential, but they encourage different creative responses. The studio environment fosters community, compassion, and respect for students' work processes and creations. 

At the end of the three years, Art students will be able to:

  • express ideas confidently through visual and performing arts 

  • work collaboratively with others 

  • create a sound action plan

  • present a strong argument with supporting evidence

Possible careers: Art manager, Educator, Curator, Web designer, Historian, Actress/ Actor,  Architect...

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